The Jan. 2014 edition of the mobile Web apps standards roadmap is now out!

A deliverable of the HTML5Apps project, W3C has published the January 2014 edition of Standards for Web Applications on Mobile.

This document summarizes the various technologies developed in W3C that increase the capabilities of Web applications, and how they apply more specifically to the mobile context. A good subset of these technologies are described and explained in the W3C online training course on programming Web applications (“Mobile Web 2: Programming Applications”).

This new edition of the mobile Web apps standards roadmap includes a few changes and additions since September 2013, including:

  • 6 documents reaching Recommendation status (a record), which shows increased maturity of the platform;
  • 4 FPWD (first public working draft) and 4 new editors drafts illustrate it is still growing up nicely;
  • and a lot of changes linked to performance, off-line support and packaging.

The roadmap features Web platform technologies that are organized under these categories: graphics, multimedia, device adaptation, forms, user interactions, data storage, personal information management, sensors and hardware integration, network, communication and discovery, packaging, performance & optimization.

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