HTML5 as Web standard: the plan goes as expected!

We like sharing the good news! Our colleague Philippe Le Hégaret, W3C Interaction Domain Leader, indicated, yesterday in a W3C’s blog post, that HTML5 is on its way to reach the W3C Recommendation (or Web standard) status by the end of 2014, as planned (in 2012).

During the past 2 years, the HTML5 editors have worked with the community to exchange ideas and thus avoid divergence among specifications. The HTML Landscape lists the differences between various HTML specifications.

There was an extensive work done around testing, as the HTML Working Group today has 97,000 tests for HTML5! The test results show that there are at least 2 implementations for 96.7% of the available tests.

“Advancing HTML 5.0 towards Recommendation status is just one step in advancing the Open Web Platform, a full-fledged programming environment for rich, interactive, cross-platform applications, with HTML5 at its core.”, concludes Philippe. “Several Groups are extending the HTML markup language, including for responsive design, performance, accessibility or additional security purposes.”

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