[New Edition!] Standards for Web apps on mobile – May 2015

A deliverable of the HTML5Apps project, the May 2015 edition of the W3C Standards for Web Applications on Mobile is out!

It includes a few changes and additions since January 2015. Notably:

Published as First Public Working Draft
  • the audio ouput devices API which lets orient audio streams to different output devices was published as a First Public Working Draft in February;
  • the Presentation API, a critical component in enabling second-screen experiences, was released as First Public Working Draft in February;
  • the WAI WCAG and UAAG Working Groups released their mapping of accessibility guidelines to mobile as a Fist Public Working Draft in February;
  • the credential management API that lets Web applications interact with browser-stored user credentials, was published as First Public Working Draft in April;
  • the Permissions API which exposes what permissions the user has or has not granted to the Web app, was published as First Public Working Draft in April;
  • The Web Payments Interest Group published a First Public Working Draft of their payment use cases in April;
Published as Last Call Working Draft
  • the Media Capture and Streams specification that brings audio and video from cameras and microphones to Web applications was published as a Last Call Working Draft in April;
Returned to Working Draft
  • the canvas API, previously published as a Candidate Recommendation, returned to Last Call Working Draft status to reflect changes brought to its accessibility features;
Reached Candidate Recommendation
  • the Web Notifications API that lets Web apps notify theirs users using the underlying OS notification system, was released as a Candidate Recommendation;
Specification merged, split or abandoned
  • the work started on an NFC API in the NFC Working Group has been abandonned, while new work on browser-compatible approach to NFC has started in the Web NFC Community Group;
Newly tracked
  • the Geolocation Working Group released an editors draft of their proposed Geofencing API.

This document is the 17th edition of this overview of mobile Web applications technologies. The previous edition was released in January 2015. A live version of this document accepts contributions on the W3C Web and Mobile Interest Group Github repository.

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