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As part of the HTML5Apps standardization work, I have started developing a survey of mobile APIs. In this repository, I have begun documenting what APIs mobile platforms expose, in native ecosystems (iOS, android, Windows) and in Web-based ones (FirefoxOS, Chrome Apps, Tizen, PhoneGap). The survey is not over by far, but I am sharing it in the hope that others might want to contribute to it.

The goal of this survey is to more easily find APIs that the Web platform could get inspiration from, as well as to identify APIs that ought to be low hanging fruits for the Web (e.g. are present in most Web-based platforms, but not in the browser).

Mobile APIs surveyFor instance, as displayed in the HTML5-based platforms fragmentation page, one can check which APIs are available in browsers (or least have an available spec), which have a draft in the W3C System Applications Working Group (which operates under a different security model), and which have an equivalent in one of the Web-based systems.

Again, we are looking at improving this survey, so all feedback will be greatly appreciated, and contributions are most welcome too. Thank you in advance!

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